Qualified Massage Therapist – Wellington

Truly Exceptional

I’ve been under Maria’s care for more than two years, and her treatments have been truly exceptional. She seamlessly combines therapeutic massage with a deeply relaxing and rehabilitative experience. Her sessions have been incredibly beneficial, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking a skilled massage therapist.

Rebecca Cass

Genuine Interest in my Wellbeing

Maria is such a great massage therapist. She is very skilled on her technique and has a genuine interest in my wellbeing. I always have a great experience when she gives me a massage, she gets all the knots and stiff muscles released. I recommend a massage with Maria to everyone who wants to feel relaxed and happy!

Ali Segura

Clear Understanding of the Human Body

Maria has the best technique and intuition I’ve ever come across. Her massage therapy always leaves me with lasting effects for the days that follow. With the perfect blend of free flowing movement and relaxation. She has the genuine gentle care factor coupled with a clear understanding of the human body. Once I’d been to Maria, I’ve been unable to go to any other massage therapist. She is really that good!

Belinda Cust

Great Advice

Maria has helped me resolve calf cramping from my mountain bike riding which has been awesome. As well as leg and foot massage Maria provided great advice on stretching and exercise to keep on top of the issues. More than happy and will continue to go to her for support, and have no hesitation in recommending her to others.

Neal Gordon

Diverse Range of Techniques

Maria is an exceptional massage therapist whose expertise and versatility continually leaves me amazed. Over nearly a year of regular visits, I’ve experienced her profound knowledge and diverse range of techniques firsthand. Whether I sought relaxation, a sports-oriented session, or therapeutic relief, Maria’s skilful and comprehensive approach ensured a safe and effective experience. Her professionalism and mastery of her craft make her a stand out in the field. I highly recommend Maria for anyone seeking a massage tailored to their needs.

Amelia Vela

Interested in the Whole Person

Maria has a calm professional approach to her massage treatments. She is interested in the whole person and ensures that her treatments are well targeted and delivering benefit. I have recommended her to family and friends as I know she will provide an effective and supportive service.

Sue Gordon

Great Results After Consistent Visits

Maria has a warm and friendly nature. I’ve seen great results after consistent visits with her. I’d recommend Maria to anyone who is working on rehab issues like myself or someone who just wants a beautiful relaxing massage.

Wendy Newson, Miramar

Wonderful Calm Presence

Maria is an exceptional massage therapist. One of the best massages I’ve ever had. She is professional, knowledgeable, and has great technique.

My massages with her have been the perfect combination of hard pressure while still being relaxing. She is also a wonderful person and has a very calm presence, which makes all the difference. I highly recommend having a full body massage with her as you’ll leave the appointment feeling perfectly rejuvenated.

Billie Win

Left Me Feeling Amazing

I have received regular massages from Maria for at least a few years. I do this to give back myself and to help me unwind from the stresses of life and work.

As well as relaxing me completely, the sessions also ease the tensions of some of the niggles in the body that occur through exercise and repetitive use. It took me forever to find the person that left me feeling amazing after a massage, years in fact.

Maria’s approach to each of my sessions (questions about what is currently going on with my body and where I might be experiencing any pain), and her knowledge of anatomy, have me walking away from these sessions feeling relaxed, refreshed, and with less pain and niggles.

Maria is also great at providing excellent advice on how to help myself between sessions. If you want to experience one of the best massages you’ll EVER have, don’t hesitate to book with Maria. I can’t recommend her enough!

Victoria, Roseneath, Wellington


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